The Scott Carlson Award

Awarded to the 6-Pack team that goes above and beyond, raising the most funds for The Angel Fund.


Past Winners

2016: Team Michael, Erica Southerland and 43 friends/family of ALS victim Michael Southerland raised $20,936.01 !

2015: Team Michael, Erica Southerland and 35 friends/family of ALS victim Michael Southerland raised $12,959!

2014: Team Derb, 13 friends and family of ALS victim Deborah Garand Laquerre raised $26,580!

2013: Team Derb, lead by 7 friends and family members of ALS victim Deborah Garand Laquerre. They raised $9,045!

2012: Team Running for Hope, lead by Heather and Wendy Sougaris in memory of their mom. They raised $4,100!



About the Award 


Scott Carlson was a dear friend to some of the founding committee members of the Harpoon 5-Miler as well as a member of Team Psycho, a Harpoon sponsored triathlon team. We have named this team award in his honor. As his good friend Skip said: “To be honored by having this award named after him, and to know that when folks receive it they will have completed a race AND enjoyed some cold Harpoon, I guarantee has Scott smiling from ear to ear.” 




Scott Carlson's Story


Scott Carlson was an amazingly talented person – he was a musician, surfer, engineer and computer geek in addition to being an accomplished triathlete and member of Team Psycho. Going for a long ride or run or meeting for a swim workout were things he loved just as much as playing his guitar with a group of his buddies or surfing on Block Island. Scott loved life and he loved his family, his friends and his teammates. As a triathlete and Team Psycho member, Scott exuded his love for this lifestyle through his passion for the sport, his zest for life, his good humor and cool demeanor.


We lost Scott Carlson to ALS on December 2, 2003.


Scott’s favorite part of training and racing was the camaraderie afterward, surrounded by friends with a cold Harpoon in his hand.


Thank you for being part of the team.