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Committee Affiliation
Carolyn Cummings Harpoon Brewery, Promotions Manager & Sponsorships/Race Director
Michelle Palermino Harpoon Brewery, Harpoon Helps Coordinator & Registration Manager
Jessie Cox Harpoon Brewery, Director of Promotions & Harpoon Helps
Charlie Storey Harpoon Brewery, President
Julia Falk Harpoon Brewery, Digital Marketing
Matt Bergin Course Director, Committee Member since 2002
Barry Chait Registration/Fundraising, Committee Member since 2002
Skip Mckee Course Committee Member since 2002
Larry McGrath Commitee Member since 2002
Jim Sweeney Course, Committee Member since 2008
Tom Ahearn Course, Committee Member since 2008
Dave Isberg Committee Member since 2008
Ann Hadley The Angel Fund


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