Keys to a successful Harpoon 5M

May 16, 2017

Keys to a successful Harpoon 5-Miler:

  1. Bring your ID on Race Day! Even if you pick up your bib early, you must bring your ID to the race to get a wristband to prove you are 21+.  No ID, no wristband.
  2. Getting a wristband: You can have your ID checked and obtain a wristband at ANY TIME on race day.  Big line to get a wristband upon entry?  No worries, you can get it after the run! Please have your ID ready upon entering the event site.
  3. Read Packet Pickup Instructions and look up your Bib # or Team # online That saves time having to look it up on site.
  4. Be Early! Review the race day schedule here. If you have to drive, come early. We recommend trying to park further down Northern Ave to avoid traffic backups to the garage by the brewery. More on parking here.
  5. No strollers, no dogs. The race is sanctioned by USA Track & Field and we play by their rules: No strollers on course.  In general, we have found that the event site is VERY crowded and we’d like to keep the number of strollers to a minimum. This is a 21+ race. While families and friends are welcome, strollers take up space and it’s hard to move about the event space. Same for your furry friends. No dogs allowed on site.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  6. Bring Cash for extra beer and raffle tickets. The Angel Fund Raffle will be taking place at their booth.  We have great prizes including PUMA swag, overnight stays at Boston hotels, and tons of gift cards! 
  7. Dress Appropriately for the weather! And if you're on a 6-Pack Team and wish to enter the costume contest, your costume must mention The Harpoon Brewery, Harpoon Helps or the Angel Fund in order to qualify to win. Teams will be judged by a panel of judges and will win 6-Packs of Harpoon on stage during the awards ceremony.
  8. Have fun! This is fun race, for an important cause. Thank you for being a part of it.  
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