Jim Daly

April 23, 2013
When I tell you who my husband Jim is, I’m afraid my words will not do him justice.  He is kind, fun, loving, hardworking and generous. He has always been an athlete and lived an active lifestyle.  He ran and lifted weights daily, played football in high-school, rugby in college and for about 20 years after with the Old Gold Rugby Football Club (of which he is a hall of fame member), and he played basketball in between. His friends tell me that at five foot seven he was most feared because he played basketball the same way as he played football and rugby! 
Jim completed his Bachelor and Masters degrees at Boston College, and since then, he has worked as a software engineer mostly for MIT Lincoln Lab through his parent company Solidus ltd. Most of his work is for the Dept. of Defense. Despite the toll ALS has taken on him, he is still working with the help of an Eyegaze computer which tracks his eye movement and allows him to write code. Last year, the product Jim and his team developed was selected by R&D (Research and Development) Magazine as one of the most technologically significant new products of 2011. The product, Parallel Vector Tile Optimizing Library is not going to become a household name anytime soon, but it is up there with the fax machine, HDTV, microwave and hundreds of other products.  Jim loves to work hard, and play hard too. (On that note, beer has always been his preferred beverage, Harpoon being one of his favorites!)
In the past, we traveled around the United States and abroad as much as we could and we were able to show some of the world to our boys, something we can no longer do with them.  Thanks to Jim’s hard work, we are putting our son John through Syracuse University and Matt through a private high school to make sure they get a good education. 
Jim was diagnosed with ALS in the fall of 2005.  By the summer of 2008 he was paralyzed, trached and vented. Today, all he has left is his smile, but boy when you get to see him smile, it melts your heart. It is the biggest, full-hearted smile you will ever see.  So look for Jim and his smile at the Harpoon 5-Miler. Weather permitting, we will be there. We send our best to all runners, thank you for your support. We need all the money we can get for research!Our extended family and friends run the Harpoon 5-Miler now as a team: Jimmy's Angels! You can learn more and donate to the team below.
Jim, Magda, John and Matthew Daly
A Note from Team Jimmy's Angels:

Jimmy's Angels

We run for Jimmy and his family, Magda, John and Matthew. We run for the Angel Fund, Harpoon and to cure ALS! The Harpoon 5-Miler has become a family tradition, as Margaret Crateau (Jimmy's Sister), his neices Caitlin and Julia Connors and nephew Patrick Daly have run the race for the past 3+ years. Patrick is the team captain and has lead the charge to encourage other Daly family members and friends to donate, cheer, take photos and drink Harpoon!
Last year, our team raised nearly $3,000 for the Angel Fund as the 3rd largest team for fundraising! Our 2013 Team is made up of 9 people and we intend to pick up the pace, dress to impress and top last year's fundraising total.
Yes, the Angels all finished strong in 2012. Yes, we all enjoyed a few Harpoon beers and dancing too! But what will always be remembered is Jim Daly and his family smiling at the finish line and cheering us on.  We look forward to that in May.
Thank you to all of our supporters! Please donate, root us on, volunteer and drink a beer... with Jim.
Cheers to Jim and family. See you at the brewery!