Packet Pickup FAQs

Where/when can I pick up my packet?

2017 Packet Pick-up schedule coming soon!




Can I pick up packets for just a few of my teammates or do I have to pick up for all 6?
You can pick up for any number of teammates that you wish. Just bring your ID and provide the names of the teammates that you’d like to pick up for. We encourage you to pick up for the whole team though-- it’ll save time!


I’m on a Team but only picking up for myself. Do I still find my packet by looking up my Team #?

Yes, your bib is located in your Team Packet. Look up your Team # on the Team Bib Board, and proceed to the Team Packet Area to find your Team Packet. It’s OK if you’re just picking up for yourself, just let the volunteer know.



Does my Team # mean anything after I pick up my packet? 

No, you are only assigned a team # for the purpose of picking up your race packets.



My Teammate picked up my race packet before the race but forgot it on race day. What can I do?  

Unfortunately, if this happens there is nothing we can do. Please coordinate properly with your teammates and friends.


If my teammate picked up my packet for me, do I still need to bring my ID on race day?
Yes, all runners must be ID’d by security to receive a wristband that means you are 21+ and can enjoy delicious Harpoon and UFO products.

Can I pick up for a friend that is on another team or an individual runner?