March 28, 2011

In 2009, for the first time, we made online fundraising available to runners. A few special runners took on the challenge, in particular, Treva Southworth who raised over $1900 for the Angel Fund with online and cash donations! Team Derb ALS



Her story struck a chord with us then and it continues to now, as she and 6 other family and friends, created Team Derb ALS in 2010, and ran and fundraised $6,100!



We'd like to share their story with all of you, as it is certainly an amazing and inspiring one. 


In 2009, Treva came down to Boston from Vermont to run her first Harpoon 5-Miler in memory of her friend Deborah Garand Laquerre ("Derb"). Derb is Treva's sister Yvonne’s sister-in-law, who died from ALS in 2005. In 2009, Treva ran the race and Yvonne and her husband Rick (Derb's brother) volunteered and brought with them many other family and friends from Vermont in support of the cause and in memory of all of the family members they have lost to ALS.


In 2010, Yvonne started running at the age of 47, inspired by her sister Treva, and is took on fundraising for ALS as well.  They and 6 other female friends/family created this team to run the Harpoon 5-Miler, and surpassed their $5000 goal, raising $6,100 in 2010!  


We received this note from Yvonne in 2010:

"We are very excited about this event.  Deborah Garand Laquerre  , my sister in law, died in 2005 of ALS.  Unfortunately, Familial ALS is in my husband's family.  My mother-in-law, Ginny, has lost her grandfather, mother, her brother, her brother's son, and her daughter Deborah to this horrific disease.  We now know that Ginny carries that dreadful SOD1 gene and there is a 50% chance my husband has the gene as well which could mutate....and now our children are at risk as well. I thank you so much for everything your organization does to support research, and hopefully find a cure, for ALS."


Thank you Team Derb ALS for your hard work and dedication.  Let's all work together to aid this important research at the Day Labs at UMASS Medical Center.   Good luck in your fundraising and have fun on race day!


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